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Learn How To Think More Effectively

Navigate Uncertainty 


Build Mental Fortitude



Athletic Teams Have Coaches. Does Your Business Team?

I'm a big believer that the absence of certainty provides the very opportunity to create it.

As a team coach, I work with busy teams who find it difficult to accomplish what they need to accomplish. Specifically...

I help: 

• Executive teams
• Business unit teams
• Project teams
• Newly formed teams
• Teams with new members

• Seek greater alignment
• Face communication challenges
• Want to clarify direction
• Are overwhelmed with tasks
• Want to make more effective decisions

To help them:
• Better manage team dynamics
• Find clarity in goals, roles, norms and communication
• Align team norms, strategies, and objectives with their company’s objectives
• Turn unproductive team meetings into meetings feed curiosity and empower action
• Enhance team communication and decision making


Team alignment, team dynamics, team communication, team decision making.


I leverage the specialized knowledge of high performance teams gleaned from my experience in the Navy SEAL Teams and management consulting to help teams clarify their purpose, reignite their passion, and disrupt complacency for the positive.


It is humbling to have an individual with your resume present to our team.  Thank you for taking the time to learn our business and demonstrate how your experiences can be applied to our organization.


Mike F., Area VP, ResMed

Mike F., Area VP, ResMed

“It’s leaders like yourself who always help to drive out the hindrance of any complacency that sneaks in so quietly. I truly appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge.”

Ryan C., Manager, Health Services

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The % Of Employees Who:

Rate Teamwork And Collaboration As “very Important"
Actually Receive Teamwork And Communication Evaluation Reviews
Believe That Lack Of Team Alignment Impacts The Outcome Of The Task
Cite Lack Of Collaboration Or Ineffective Communication For Workplace Failures

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