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The 13 years I spent in special operations coupled with a graduate   degree in Organizational Leadership, as well as current day business experience, affords me the unique and humbled opportunity to offer individuals, teams, and organizations the knowledge and insight to stay relevant amongst constant change. a chance to “fill the gap” and avoid becoming  obsolete.

On the battlefield, we had to adapt to change at a moment’s notice, and oftentimes with little guidance or direction. In today’s fast-paced business world, oftentimes when somebody is promoted from one level to the next it happens without a “memo” on how to manage, direct or lead differently, and it creates a performance gap that needs to be filled if you, your team, and your company are to sustain superior performance.

I use the experience gained from my time in special operations and business today as the backdrop to make you–and your team–better.  Read more at my Entrepreneur and Forbes weekly contributor columns.

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You can also now pre-order my book that will be released Memorial Day 2015. More details (and an inside sneak-peak) to come!

“Selecting the right business coach can be a daunting task to say the least. The key attributes I was looking for in my selection process were primarily built around establishing: trust, relevance and direct impact. After a one hour consultation with Jeff, it was very clear that all three boxes were checked…” – Robby K., Level 3 Communications

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Here’s what you’ll get here:

Leadership Articles

  • Leadership articles highlighting current trends and challenges
  • Lessons learned from personal experiences in special operations and business


  • How to adapt to your surroundings and maximize your health while on the road, in the office, and everywhere in between
  • Strategies to improve individual and organizational fitness
  • The performance practices that help people, teams, and organizations become better, such as purpose, productivity, prioritization, and time management

Learning & Adaptability

  • Learn how to build new habits and optimize your routine
  • Personal improvement stories and techniques to help you navigate change and uncertainty


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Additionally, you’ll get the best of sarcasm, wit (or lack thereof) and snide comments.


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