As an adaptability coach, I take proven strategies and behaviors from 13 years in special operations and business consulting and apply them to your career and company. My coaching uses simple, reliable, daily behaviors that lead to measurable performance improvement and sustained excellence.

The Adaptability Coach

Success has never been more fleeting than in the competitive environment of today. The increased speed of technology and geographic dispersion create new leadership demands and unforeseen challenges that widen the gap for individuals and organizations to stay relevant. Adaptability coaching helps you navigate change so you can drive a greater impact, be more effective and create greater value for yourself, your team and your company. In many organizations, an employee receives a promotion to the next level without ever having received the “memo” on how to manage, how to direct, or how to lead. So what happens is people rely upon the same skills and know-how that earned them that promotion because that’s what they know best, but it’s not necessarily the right tool for the job. What results is a sub-optimal company culture due to: • Micro-managers • Disconcerted directors at a leadership chokepoint • Executive leaders not leading. Changing how you change is a competitive advantage in both business and life, as your willingness to adapt today will determine your relevance—or obsolescence— tomorrow. As an adaptability coach, I bring my current experience in business consulting as well as the lessons learned from 13 years in military special operations, where decision-making, teamwork, communication and leadership under duress were the expectations, to individuals, team, and organizations to help them become better.
Jeff Boss, The Adaptability Coach


Selecting the right business coach can be a daunting task to say the least. The key attributes I was looking for in my selection process were primarily built around establishing: trust, relevance and direct impact. After a one hour consultation with Jeff, it was very clear that all three boxes were checked.


Robby K., Director of Sales

Robby K., Director of Sales

Jeff challenges you to answer tough questions.  This self-reflection has been an important exercise to guide me towards a path, which represents the values I would like to display as a manager.  


Stavros P., Post Conflict Reconstruction Specialist

Having the daunting responsibility of raising a boy to manhood as a sole custodial female parent since my son was a year and a half old taught me the importance of placing my son around role models whose daily and instinctive actions would inspire and mold my son. Jeff Boss is one of these individuals.


Gwen H., Chairperson of the Department of Family Practice and Medical Director of Patient Centered Medical Home, Cleveland, OH

Jeff, thank you on behalf of ResMed for engaging with all levels of sales and leadership, and for the unbelievably inspirational story you shared with our entire Americas Leadership teams. 
You taught us the importance of adaptability, to shoot, move and communicate, and by the way everyone is using after action reviews now!  Your teaching on egoless leadership is quite certainly backed by your own very humble approach.   (more…)

Chris G., VP of Sales

Chris G., VP of Sales

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