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Why Don’t YOU Have An Executive Coach?

Every high performer has a coach. Athletes have coaches to elevate their performance to the next level. Without a coach, a potential olympian would remain just that—a potential. Athletes train between four and six hours a day to achieve optimal output—significantly less than the average businessperson. But are YOU working optimally? Are YOU fulfilled? Challenged? Or, are you feeling complacent? The difference in performance levels between the athlete and the businessperson is the coach. Every athlete relies upon a coach to elevate his or her performance to the next level, and you know what? Business is no different. Just as the athlete has a coach to push him, to challenge him with the overall intent of furthering the team, business men and women today require the same attention if they are to sustain performance with the overall goal of bettering the company. An executive coach challenges you to expand your thinking and align your habits and actions with your company’s strategy to achieve its goals, thus allowing you to deliver the results your capable of and be an even greater contributor.
Jeff Boss, "The Adaptability Coach," writer, author, and former Navy SEAL


Jeff always encouraged individuals who were fortunate enough to be in his orbit, to face their fears.  He insisted, not only on his friends and family having goals, but having written goals and ongoing evaluation of their own personal successes and failures to be able to adapt.  A mantra that I learned from Jeff so many years ago—“No limits”—a mantra which, to this very day, guides my actions both professionally and personally!  Having had the good fortune to be in the orbit of such a peak performing individual as Jeff Boss when he was a very young man, and watching him develop and evolve over the decades has given me the standard of insisting on surrounding myself with peak performing individuals to inspire me, to face my fears and to overcome them.

Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Lake Health Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Lake Health Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

Chair, Department of Family Medicine, Lake Health Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio

“It’s leaders like yourself who always help to drive out the hindrance of any complacency that sneaks in so quietly. I truly appreciate you sharing your wealth of knowledge.”

Ryan C., Manager, Health Services

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Complacency Facts

$(Billions) Lost On Employee Turnover Annually
% That Companies With Engaged Employees Outperform Those Without
% Of Employees Not Fully Engaged
% Of Employees Actively Disengaged






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Recent Reviews

For Navigating Chaos:

"Navigating Chaos is one of the best leadership books you are ever going  to read. Told with wit, charm, and intelligence  - it is a must for every  businessperson serious about success.

 Mix Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War with Covey’s The Seven Habits Of Highly  Effective People and you only begin to scratch the surface of Boss’s  engaging and exceedingly well-written Navigating Chaos.

 Boss went to hell and back to procure the leadership insights  contained  within Navigating Chaos.  What he delivers is  beyond anything you will  read this year!

 - Brad Thor #1 New York Times bestselling author of Code Of  Conduct

"Jeff Boss is a shining example of the power of quiet  leadership. The  perseverance, humility, and team-first attitude  that allowed him to excel  as a Navy SEAL are directly  applicable to all leaders."

 - Susan Cain, New York Times bestselling author of Quiet: The Power  of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.

For Managing  The Mental Game:

"I wouldn't consider this a book, but a guide on how one can achieve their own defined success. Jeff Boss does an incredible job bundling so many different and effective tools to help individuals, business professionals, athletes, etc. on how to take simple steps towards replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. With practice, this will change the way you think and build the mental strength we all wish we had. I plan on incorporating what I have read into my daily thinking to change a number of my habits and to help me build the resilience I once had when I was ignorant. The difference now is that I am older and wiser and able to recognize the thought patterns that deter me from being the husband, father, business leader and person I want to be. Jeff's book is a road map to help me get there.

This should be required reading for everyone in my opinion. It is applicable to business leaders, athletes, parents who want to raise their children with confidence and humility and anyone who strives to improve the mental health. If you are thinking about spending a ton of money laying on a couch to tell someone about all of your past problems, do yourself a favor and purchase this book. Do the exercises and revaluate whether you want to pay all of that money after 30-60 days."

- Spencer M., Investment Real Estate


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